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When Bumbler was started in 2017, we had one mission: Reduce single-use plastic waste in the Boba Tea industry across the world. Since 2017, we have shipped over 12,000 Bumblers across the world as of July 25th, 2019.  If the average person drinks Boba tea once per week and uses their Bumbler each time, we have saved 624,000 single-use plastic cups and 624,000 single-use plastic straws from potentially polluting our oceans and environment.  We have been blown away by the support and the teamwork behind this mission we embarked on. 

But we can do more....

Bumbler is all about reducing single-use plastic waste because they enter the environment, but what about the other side? What about the plastic that's already in our environment?

Introducing Bumbler Clean Up


A ocean clean up project funded by your love for Boba Tea! Bumbler Clean Up has one goal: Reduce and repurpose single-use plastic that is sitting in our oceans and environment today.  We want to actually do our part in cleaning the Earth of the pollution it already has.  Preventing more single-use waste from entering the environment with Bumbler Cup, while cleaning up the single-use plastic waste that already exists.

How do we do this?

Boats. People. Equipment. Planning. and Funding.  

We are funding Bumbler Clean Up through your love of Boba! Bumbler is releasing several other products, of which a portion of the profits fund Bumbler Clean Up.  Boba apparel, accessories, and even an at-home DIY boba drink.  These products fund the cleaning and recycling of single-use plastic waste from our environment. 

Check out these products by clicking here.

We plan to have our first clean up event as soon as early 2020 and we want you to join us! We will be inviting everybody out to help. We're even planning on flying a few of you to wherever we are cleaning! We want to do this across the globe as Bumbler Clean Up grows.

We are so excited to see how much this will impact the world and thank you so much for your support.

The products supporting this initiative will launch the first week of August 2019.