BOBA Cup Icon Simple Shirt - 4 colors

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UNISEX Bumbler BOBA Cup Icon Simple Shirt

Color: white, black, mint, blush

 Boba Cup Icon Position top right

Boba Cup T-shirt

  • 100% Cotton

  • Breathable

  • Loose Fit Comfortable

a portion of the profits from the purchase of our apparel and accessories go towards funding Bumbler Clean Up, where Bumbler and its team of people go out into the oceans and clean! We are even inviting you to join us! This is a new project and Bumbler plans to do their first clean up next year. Every $20 spent, will fund the removal of a full pound of plastic! Read about it by clicking here.

What else can you do to not only prevent single-use plastic from polluting our Earth and oceans, but also clean up the existing plastic waste still causing damage?

At Bumbler, we want to do more for the environment and our ocean, so by popular request, we are releasing Bumbler - The Eco-Boba Brand.  Clothing and accessories all centered around Boba where the profits go to cleaning up and preventing plastic waste. We wanted to create stylish clothing that you'll actually where every day so you can show your love for the Boba lifestyle while feeling good that what your wearing is helping clean the Earth.

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