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Blue Metal Straw with Soft-Touch Tip

$3.99 Regular price $4.99

Specialized Metal Straw designed for Boba

Slanted tip designed for optimal drinking

Soft tip for lip comfort

extra wide for maximum suckage (that's right suckage)

Metal Straw Specs:

-Length 10.5 inches

-12.5mm wide - inside diameter

-Slanted Boba tip

- Smooth round Top

-36 grams

-304 Stainless Steel Food Grade

Comes in a perfect sizes box measuring 10"x4"x4"

  • Cup Height: 9.0in
  • Cup Width: 4.0in (at top)
  • Cup volume: 24oz (big enough to hold "large" drinks and small)

  • 12mm wide straw
  • Custom Straw cleaner
  • Straw Material: Polypropylene