DIY Boba - 15 servings

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Want to save money and the environment? Check out our DIY Boba!

Drinking our DIY Boba means:

1. You're saving money because each 24oz cup only costs you about $2 to make (cheaper if you're on the monthly subscription).

2. The money you spent to buy your Boba drink is money we use to fund beach clean ups.  Each cup of boba you drink means plastic is taken out of the ocean.

3. If you use a Bumbler, your preventing more plastic from entering our oceans. 


It's super easy and tastes incredible because you make it how you like it! We send you a video explaining how to make your own Boba tea drink. It’s a super easy few step process that takes about 5 minutes and you make it taste how you want! It’s even fun to experiment! 

One Time Pack:

- (2) Bags of Boba

Makes around 15 servings of 24oz cups



Check out the How To Make Boba video below.

Terms of Monthly Subscription:
- You will be billed every month you are still on the plan
- You can cancel any time, easily with no questions asked!
- International customers must pay shipping
- No returns accepted