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Want to sell Bumblers in your store?

We have partnered with stores all across the country to spread the message of Bumbler and joined efforts in reducing single-use plastic waste in our environment. Customers love supporting businesses that are eco-conscious! 

We offer wholesale packages by the case for both our re-useable plastic and stainless steel cups.

Re-useable plastic: 1 case = 40 cups

Stainless Steel: 1 case = 25 cups

You can choose any designs/colors you want to fill the case. Each cup comes with a straw cleaner. 

If you would like to partner with us please send the following information to hello@bumblercup.com:

  • The Name of your Store or Organization
  • How many cases you are looking to order
  • Your shipping address
  • Any questions you have

We will respond with pricing info and shipping info.



Q: Does Bumbler make custom cups? 

A: We do, but the MOQ is 520 cups and we require that the Bumbler logo has a minimum 1-inch position on every cup. Many of our partners who aren't able to order the MOQ put their own stickers on the cups.

Q: Should we offer a discount for using a Bumbler?

A: We think it's a great idea as it builds customer loyalty! Many of our partners offer a discount or incentive and their customers love it.  We have gotten reports of customers choosing one store over another only because one store offers a discount for using a Bumbler.  Most of our partners just offer a free scoop of Boba with the use of a Bumbler, others offer 10-25 cents off, similar to Starbucks.

Q: How many of each color do I get?

A: Regular Bumblers come in MOQ case of 40 unit and you can choose however many colors of each you want to include. Stainless Steel Bumblers come in a MOQ case of 25 units. 

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is calculated based on total weight and location. We do not mark up shipping and choose the most cost effective way to ship the package

Q: When will my wholesale order arrive?

A: Typically 5-7 days anywhere in the US.

Q: Is there a discount per unit for multi-case orders?

A: YES! Contact us!