Get the cutest and most stylish Boba Tea Tumblers on the market!

Two (2) - Pack replacement straws


Two (2) Pack replacement straws designed for BUMBLER BOBA TEA TUMBLERS—Available in colorful painted stainless steel and reusable black or white plastic straws.

Extra-wide (14mm) diameter for maximum boba pearl suckage, slanted tip, and all the features you want in a straw specifically designed for Boba

Colors and materials Available:

Stainless Steel: Rose Gold, Crisp White, Mint, Mermaid Blue, Coral Black, Iridescent, Lavendar
Plastic: Black, White

Match your existing Bumbler color or mix it up for a unique, contrasting, or quirky color combination. Let your boba style shine through.

Comes in a perfect sizes box measuring 10"x4"x4"

  • Cup Height: 9.0in
  • Cup Width: 4.0in (at top) - 2.75" (at bottom - Perfect for most car cup holders)
  • Cup volume: 24oz . Big enough to hold "large" Boba drinks and also Starbucks venti drinks (hot and cold)

  • 12mm (.50") wide straw on Plastic Bumblers
  • 14mm wide straw on Stainless Steel Bumblers
  • Custom Straw cleaner
  • Straw Material: Polypropylene on ABS/Plastic Bumbler
  • 304 Stainless Steel on Stainless Steel Bumblers