Get the cutest and most stylish Boba Tea Tumblers on the market!

BunnyBii Sticker

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Check out the limited edition BunnyBii sticker.  Add on to your Bumbler and we will donate 100% of sticker proceeds to The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation


About Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation:

Dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of all Earth's inhabitants

We support projects around the world that build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable wildlife, and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities.


This is a collaboration with @bunnybii on Instagram. Sticker was created and designed by her <3

Buy a Bumbler, add on this sticker to customize more, and help out an incredible cause to clean our environment!

Look out for more collabs involving giving back to this Earth in the future!

Comes in a perfect sizes box measuring 10"x4"x4"

  • Cup Height: 9.0in
  • Cup Width: 4.0in (at top) - 2.75" (at bottom - Perfect for most car cup holders)
  • Cup volume: 24oz . Big enough to hold "large" Boba drinks and also Starbucks venti drinks (hot and cold)

  • 12mm (.50") wide straw on Plastic Bumblers
  • 14mm wide straw on Stainless Steel Bumblers
  • Custom Straw cleaner
  • Straw Material: Polypropylene on ABS/Plastic Bumbler
  • 304 Stainless Steel on Stainless Steel Bumblers